Pinch to Zoom Not Working on Mac

If you are using a Multi-Touch trackpad, you can zoom in or out of the displayed content on your Mac by pinching with two fingers. This feature is called pinch-to-zoom which is pioneered by Apple. I often use this feature. On your Mac, you can pinch-to-zoom on photos, emails, messages, web pages, and any app … Read more

Troubleshoot FaceTime Audio Not Working

In this article, I explain how you can troubleshoot audio issues with the quality of your FaceTime video or audio call. When you make a FaceTime call or when you connect to a FaceTime call, others may claim that they are unable to hear you. Or there may be quality issues with someone’s audio. Some … Read more

[Update: Significant Price Rises] Apple Suspends Sales on its Turkish Website due to Lira’s Volatility

UPDATE: After the halt of product sales in the country, Apple’s normal sale operations have resumed in Turkey, as of today. However, as we predicted before, there are significant price increases. Apple prices in Turkey increased by around 25 percent. According to Apple’s website, some of the current prices: Product Old Price New Price Change … Read more

Snapchat Camera Working on iPhone? How to Fix

Some Snapchat users have said that the camera (front or rear) is not working properly. Users have complained that the Snapchat camera keeps freezing and sometimes gets stuck in different camera modes such as the focus/portrait mode. Recently I was experiencing video quality issues. The video images were looking very low quality. Likewise, some users … Read more

What is the Services Menu in macOS?

You may or may not have noticed a menu option for apps in macOS called Services. Services is something that will let you use a feature from another app – without having to open that app. So essentially, it is a way to access shortcuts that will allow you to do small tasks quickly. You … Read more